A House of Prayer for All People

washington national cathedral planned giving

As the sixth-largest cathedral in the world, the Washington National Cathedral was founded to serve as a great church for national purposes: an open house of prayer for all people. We strive to honor God and our neighbors as agents of understanding; to present moral leadership and guidance for those seeking wisdom; and to serve as a gathering place for reflection and learning during times of national significance.

An architectural masterpiece designed to inspire individuals to turn their thoughts to things above, the Cathedral is often the location of state funeral and memorial services for U.S. presidents and national leaders. Thanks to friends of the Cathedral like you, we are able to continue serving others with hope and acceptance. Here are some on creative ways you can partner with us and help us carry on this tradition:

  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your gifts are contributing to the future of the Cathedral for future generations.
  • Provide for the Cathedral through plans that first allow you to establish financial security for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Make gifts in ways that can provide additional income in retirement years.
  • Efficiently assist the Cathedral with plans that maximize your giving potential.
  • Honor or memorialize someone special to you with your gift.

Read on for more information to learn which of these gift plans are right for you and your loved ones.